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Welcome to Oceans Collective.


The way to a better future begins here.

We host the world's best conversations, for individuals and groups.


We do this because conversations are powerful.


They connect people - with each other or with parts of themselves.


Conversations give people what they need - clarity, courage, confidence...peace, power, permission...


They make change happen.


At Oceans, our purpose is to make a difference to people's lives, so we listen and we talk and we connect. And then change happens



Coaching is a very flexible process that can help with a wide range of issues. Recently we have helped clients to...

  • become more confident

  • find a new job

  • work out their purpose in life and work

  • overcome imposter syndrome

  • start a new chapter in life

  • become less anxious inside and outside work

  • navigate career options

  • make a difficult life decision

  • become a more effective leader at work

  • sort out working relationships

  • transition into a more senior role at work

  • know what to say in social situations such as networking

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