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Oceans Current


As coaches, we’re all in the same boat. You finish your training at peak enthusiasm, full of high hopes, good intentions and far-off goals. Then coaching has to take its place amidst the rest of Life and Work and…things can drift a bit, sometimes off course.

We wanted to create a solution to that and here it is – Oceans Current. If you have the time and energy to paddle towards your goals, it’ll get you there even faster. If you have to drift for a while, it’ll keep you moving in the right direction. Whatever boat you’re in.

The Oceans Current programme is fluid and continuous, with no start or end. It just keeps flowing. You can join for a while, steer away and then come back, or you can find your professional home with us and stay with the current indefinitely.


You’ll find that the programme gives you many things, including:

  • Connection

  • Confidence

  • Meaning and Satisfaction

  • Motivation and Direction

  • A plan

  • Progress and Success

  • A clearer sense of your coaching identity

Try it. Join us in one of our free action learning sessions for coaches.



“When I saw the Oceans Current programme, I made sure to book my place as soon as possible. I love the Oceans approach and the structure gives me everything I need to keep developing as a coach and stay connected with other professionals." 


Christie Louise, Professional Coach


Packages & Prices

We have created three packages so you can join Oceans Current in the way that suits you best.

Oceans Current Prices.png


Oceans Current in Detail


Journey Planning

To begin with we’ll match you up with your own Oceans coach, who will become a trusted partner throughout the programme. They’ll come to understand you and what you want better than anyone. They’ll help you to recognise your unique brilliance as a coach and also help you to navigate your way through challenges.


The two-hour session Journey Planning session will give you insight into what’s working well in your coaching development and what needs some attention. You might have goals around confidence, coaching hours, knowledge, network, accreditations, qualifications, setting up or developing your own business and more. You’ll leave with a clear plan and greater clarity about what you want to do next and, even more importantly, why it’s important to you.

At subsequent Journey Planning sessions we’ll also check in with you on your coaching hours and your claimable CPD hours so you don’t need to wonder if you’re still on track with those.


Action Learning Groups

You may already be familiar with the unique magic of the ALGs. In each one, group members can bring issues and challenges they’ve been wrestling with or mulling over. The other participants offer questions initially then ideas, advice and opinions. This semi-structured dialogue, facilitated with a light touch, consistently yields new insights. , Our ALGs are characterised by confidentiality, honesty, openness, respect, appreciation and gentle humour. All of this helps to make them feel like very safe professional spaces.

Theory-to-Practice (T2P) Workshops

In coaching, of course, a small insight can make a huge difference, so theory can be very valuable. It’s best when it translates into simple tools that can be deftly added to the flow of a session without creating waves, or even ripples. So our T2P workshops are designed to provide new thinking that becomes new doing. In each workshop, we’ll clearly and concisely present our own latest thinking on a topic and then we’ll make that even better by inviting the thinking of the group. When the various ideas have been crystallised, we’ll invite the group to consider how best to apply them – when, how, with whom, for what benefit. After some sharing of everyone’s insights, we’ll set up some opportunities to try things out with each other in the weeks after the workshop. These workshops are not intended to just be thinking for the sake of it – they are about how to create better outcomes for clients, such as happiness, confidence and success. It’s important work with tangible benefits.

Our initial plan of workshops topics includes the following topics but we’ll aim to run workshops that best fit people’s needs and interests and there’ll be discussions with you about this:

  • Powerful Contracting

  • Creating Progress (model: Dilts’ Logical Levels)

  • Metaphor and Creativity in Coaching

  • Not 42 – Clients and the Meaning of Life

  • The Wisdom of Less (model: Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment)

  • Squaring the Circle (model: the Drama Triangle)

  • Timelines in Practice


Exploration Coaching

For the price of taking a few deep breaths, listening back to a session recording with a fellow coach can provide unrivalled benefits. Habits can be re-shaped. Our eyes can be opened, our ears cleaned out and our head, heart and gut re-tuned. You’ll be able to select an Oceans coach to work with you on each session, providing variety and different perspectives. Our aim is for you to emerge renewed and with your attachment to ‘being good’ nicely in balance. And, this being Oceans, you’ll emerge with more confidence, not less.

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