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Storm Force


Different times need a different approach.


Introducing Oceans Storm Force - rapid response, on-demand coaching.

Your teams are working differently and trying to assess the new reality and deal with priorities. Much is different and unfamiliar - situations, processes, expectations, limitations and even relationships. Leaders need to think fast and move quickly, without tripping up. They need the right support in small doses at the right time. Just enough to do their best thinking and make smart decisions. 

Setting up Storm Force is simple. Agree with us a package of hours and decide who has access.

We’ll do the rest. Your users will have coaching available whenever they need it, for micro-sessions of 20 minutes up to a full hour for more breathing space.


You'll get visibility of usage and evaluation so you can be confident your investment is paying back quickly.



600 minutes / 10 hours


1200 minutes / 20 hours


3000 minutes / 50 hours


6000 minutes / 100 hours


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