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Coaching has enabled me to recognise that using my natural levels of intuition as a tool can be a powerful thing. Every piece of work I do with a person is as a partnership. I believe in authenticity, honesty and above all, trust. Trust is the epicentre of our partnership. Suspending judgement, open mindedness and certainty that each person is the expert in themselves creates a space for some creative exploration and experimenting.  I have been described as having a unique talent for connecting a person with their extraordinary self.


Professional Background

My career has always centered around Media. The world that I have operated in has always been high pressure and fast paced. The experience I gained from teams and individuals I have lead through change and transformation gave me certainty that I belong in the Coaching world. I have always actively championed investment in people development, and have found the results, whatever the business or situation, are true: People are the foundation of anything you wish to build. I dedicate my time to flourishing work through empowering people.     

What we say about Sarah

"What we love about Sarah’s coaching is the attention and intuition she brings in deciding what to explore further with clients. As a result, you’ll be asked some of the best questions you’d never considered! Sarah has a gift for connecting people with their energy and enthusiasm. She is caring and fun"

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