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Viva la Resolution!

¡Ya Basta!

This phrase emerged from the Mexican Zapatista movement and has become the rallying cry of protests around the world.

¡Ya Basta! Enough is enough.

It’s a sentiment we probably all feel about 2020. The good news: 2021 is nearly here. How will your own protest go? How can your resolutions set up your revolution?

At Oceans, we love the idea of people overthrowing 2020 and seizing power over their own lives. As coaches, it’s what our work is about. And the more we thought about that, the more it seemed that, at an individual level, coaching really is an intensely political activity.

Individuals are made up of multiple selves - the dutiful worker, the kind one, the dreamer, the rebel, the one looking out for danger, the rational one, the playful one.. We are internally diverse - a constituency of different voices and needs. And we have more of some parts than others. We have majorities and minorities.

Who represents this constituency of parts? When we speak, which part of us is doing the talking? Which part is in charge? Who is making the decisions about how resources such as time, energy and money are allocated? Which parts make the rules? How is that going? Would you vote them back in or is it time for a change?

Nearly all of us have more power and influence over our lives than we think – maybe in small ways, maybe in big. But even the small ways add up to a big difference. We could make conscious choices every few seconds, but as that would be exhausting, we sensibly develop routines, and our behaviour becomes helpfully habitual. Things stay usefully the same. We become, in essence, conservative.

But we can change things too. We can be progressive. We can stand back and look at our own status quo with a critical eye. We can listen to any voices of discontent inside us.

New Year is a traditional time for taking stock. It’s a great time to ask ourselves the big questions:

  • What do you want?

  • What needs to change?

  • How do you want to represent yourself?

  • How do you want to lead yourself?

  • Which parts of yourself should be allowed to step forward?

Whether you’re looking for revolution or evolution, it’s a great time to overthrow 2020 and unleash your own wave of personal democracy. Let the campaigning begin inside you, vote for the kind of future you want and lead yourself with power, commitment and compassion.

At you’ll find plenty of ways to get inspired and connect with others.

Join us. Viva la resolution!

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