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What could life hold for you if you knew, and could release, what was holding you back? 

I believe passionately that every one of us can find the courage within ourselves to unblock the barriers that prevent us from moving forward. As a quietly powerful and intuitive coach, I work with clients who are seeking to discover truth within themselves and enable them to make sense of their whole being. With my focused and perceptive approach, I coach individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to support them in achieving the richer and more fulfilled life we all deserve.


Professional Background

Throughout my career at a senior level in the not for profit and third sectors, I have experienced all the challenges of operational management, strategic leadership, change and development. I have worked with diverse communities at all levels and stages of life. 

As a coach, I work both with individuals, and with organisations that recognise the fundamental importance of harnessing and retaining the combined talent of their people.

What we say about Mark:

"Mark is an incredibly intuitive and perceptive coach; absolutely focused on supporting you remove those barriers currently sitting between you and your goals. He uses his wealth of background business experience and passion for working with people who are looking to live a more fulfilled life. Mark brings patience and calm to your sessions whilst challenging you to think far more deeply than you have before!"

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