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Coaching is a wonderful way of bringing the best of who we are to what we do. For all of us, our quick-thinking brains can hold us back or limit our view. As your thinking partner, I create a calm, safe space where you can fully be yourself and expand your view. Through our conversation, I support you to become clear on what’s most valuable to you and to have new choices. People describe my coaching as giving them the confidence to approach their goals & challenges in new ways and to flourish.


Professional background

Improving things for people and the environment has always been my motivation. I combined these as a senior manager in an environmental organisation for over 20 years. I led various large departments through numerous changes, bringing the teams with me and helping people adapt. One of my main focuses was on supporting people to take up leadership roles. I was an internal coach across a family of organisations, and designed & delivered leadership development training.


What we say about Julie

“What we love about Julie’s coaching is how she works with clients to expand their thinking beyond the boundaries of their previous experience. Julie creates such safe space for calm exploration of what is truly meaningful for you. You will step right into that space and come away feeling that anything is possible.”

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