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As a coach, people describe me as calm, insightful and understanding. Often I work visually - experience has shown me that a lot of clients find this very useful. That might mean working with paper and pen and doodles to represent important parts of your situation. Or it might mean just trying out images and metaphors to find ones that capture how things feel. Somehow, seeing life’s apparent complexity in such simple terms brings new clarity so that important, previously hidden truths emerge more clearly. After that, taking action and making progress often take place more easily, sometimes without apparent effort.

Professional Background

For over 25 years I have had the pleasure of working in the field of learning, helping others to be at their best. I worked in a broad range of organisations, from start-ups to global companies, and across public and private sectors - including food manufacturing, telecoms, financial services, retail and start-ups – using teaching, training, coaching or facilitation to help teams and individuals to be at their best.

What we say about Graeme:

“What we love about Graeme is the way he brings his whole creative self to his work. He hears behind words and invites you to spar with your own thinking, challenging your logic and bringing a refreshing shift in perspective. Graeme believes in limitless boundaries - you’ll come away from his sessions knowing he is on your side and with a desire to look at your world a little differently.”

What others say about Graeme:

"Being coached by Graeme has enabled me to devote time to critical thinking, create clarity and move forward in tackling some important issues. The sessions have always been very fluid and flexible and as a coach he has stretched my thinking, given me new perspectives and most importantly he’s been supportive when I’ve needed to retain my self-belief. When I came back from maternity leave I made it a priority to carry on the coaching. Having Graeme as a coach is a regular island of calm and sanity that helps me to stay focussed.

Emily Blair, Senior Project Manager


m: 07813 725273

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