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"The team effectiveness survey was hugely beneficial in seeing where we need to focus and allowed us to concentrate on 'us' as a whole, and how we perform as a collective. Powerful and easy to understand and re-visit too"  Natalie Neale, Product Quality Manager


Teamwork needn't be hard work. We specialise in helping teams work better, more easily. Just choose the approach you prefer.

Team 10 Challenge

Join nine teams from other organisations on a monthly video call to share issues, insights and ideas. Chart your path to success and make the journey together in this collaborative programme that has just a pinch of friendly competition. More info: 

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Team Coaching 

Our starting point when working with teams is our Team Effectiveness Report, which collects the anonymous views of each team member to produce an overall picture of what's working well and what isn't. From there, making progress towards becoming a more effective team is surprisingly straightforward.

Time and time again we have seen that our approach provides clarity and reassurance for the team leader. Any frustrations in the team tend to subside and a new sense of energy and purpose is created. Team meetings can go from aimless to focused, from pointless to essential. Re-taking the survey 6 months later shows teams how far they've come and what to work on next.

Check out the report here        and then get in touch below to get started on your own report.


We have created 3 team coaching packages to provide you with a clear and flexible choice.

1.Report only

In addition to the report we'll talk through the results with you and produce a suggested roadmap for moving the team forwards which you can put into action yourself. 

2.Team Coaching

We'll co-design with you an outline series of workshop topics that will get the team moving forwards. Then we'll design the workshops in detail and run them, adopting a team coaching approach that allows the team to take ownership for improving further. As the leader, you'll be free to sit back and contribute in the way that adds most value. After 6-9 months, we'll produce a new report for you to demonstrate what's changed along with a new plan for the next stage of your team's journey.

3.Team + Leader Coaching

This package includes the full team coaching support described above but also includes 6 coaching sessions for you as the leader, looking at aspects of team leadership or whatever focus is most important for you at the time.


For a seismic shift, involve all the teams in a particular function or your whole organisation. Teams are then able to leverage each others' strengths, while a shared language of team performance enables a cultural change in what teams can expect of themselves and others.

Get in touch below for a great conversation about your team performance possibilities.

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