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Storm Force


Different times need a different approach.


Introducing Oceans Storm Force - rapid response, on-demand coaching.

Your teams are back at work and trying to assess the new reality and deal with priorities. Much is different and unfamiliar - situations, processes, expectations, limitations and even relationships. Leaders need to think fast and move quickly, without tripping up. They need the right support in small doses at the right time. Just enough to do their best thinking and make smart decisions. 

Give your teams the support they need. Choose a package of hours and decide who has access. Then begin - your users have coaching available whenever they need it, for micro-sessions of 20 minutes up to a full hour for more breathing space..

You'll get real time-time visibility of usage and evaluation so you can be confident your investment is paying back quickly. Get in touch to find out more and steady your ship.


Leadership Lounge


At Oceans, our mission is 'People at their Best'. We believe that organisations thrive when they help and allow people to be themselves and do their best work. Leadership Lounge is the conversation for leaders who believe the same.


In this global club of like-minded leaders, you'll be able to bring your questions, issues and concerns. You can offer your ideas and insights and support. You'll expand your network, refresh your thinking and make new friends. You'll get better outcomes where it matters.


Leadership Lounge is a structured conversation run by an Oceans facilitator. If you're familiar with Action Learning, you'll fit right in; if you're not, you'll fit right in.


Coaching is a very flexible process that can help with a wide range of issues. Recently we have helped clients to...

  • become more confident

  • find a new job

  • work out their purpose in life and work

  • overcome imposter syndrome

  • start a new chapter in life

  • become less anxious inside and outside work

  • navigate career options

  • make a difficult life decision

  • become a more effective leader at work

  • sort out working relationships

  • transition into a more senior role at work

  • know what to say in social situations such as networking


We have created 3 coaching packages to provide you with a clear and flexible choice.

1. On Demand

For busy working lives.

  • 300 minutes of coaching a year, to be used when you need it, in the way you need it

  • bitesize 20+ minute phone calls

  • face-to-face or video for longer sessions of 60 minutes or more

  • rapid response when you have urgent questions

2. Focused

For when there is a particular topic or issue you want to tackle

  • Four sessions; scheduled to suit you; face-to-face or video. 

3. Deeper

For when you want to create a more fundamental shift in your work or life.

  • eight sessions; scheduled to suit you; face-to-face or video.

  • reflective questions between sessions to stimulate thinking or journaling

  • optional short phone calls between sessions to provide continuity

To discuss coaching and how it would work best for you, get in touch or choose your coach and contact them directly.

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