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Hello there...

Welcome to Oceans Collective.


The way to a better future begins here.

We help individuals, leaders and teams to find their own inspiration, courage and resourcefulness to lead a more purposeful and successful life. 

Through personalised coaching we provide a space to pause and create

new realities. 

Whether your goal is related to work or life, we can help you to shift conventional thinking, find clarity and make change.

Your boundary is where we begin.

What We Bring

New Thinking  -  New Results

Thinking time is largely underrated. 

The coaching process is simple in its theory and powerful in its results.

The language we use is thoughtful and purposeful. Each partnership is unique

and personal.

We are a hand-picked group. 

As coaches we have shared beliefs, values and ethics.

As individuals we bring diverse skills, qualities and backgrounds.

As a collective we offer talent that can be tailored neatly to specific requirements.



Coaching is a very flexible process that can help with a wide range of issues. Recently we have helped clients to...

  • become more confident

  • find a new job

  • work out their purpose in life and work

  • overcome imposter syndrome

  • start a new chapter in life

  • become less anxious inside and outside work

  • navigate career options

  • make a difficult life decision

  • become a more effective leader at work

  • sort out working relationships

  • transition into a more senior role at work

  • know what to say in social situations such as networking

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