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It's time for a change. Time for leadership. And what better day than 1st January?

Join us in overthrowing 2020 and making 2021 the time when 'some day' becomes this day.

At Oceans we believe in better and we help people to be at their best. We want you to join us in making 2021 a year to remember for all the right reasons. There are lots of ways to take part.

Make Your Manifesto


What's your vision for 2021? Choose three bold pledges and make a commitment to yourself you can get behind.


You At Your Best


Inspire others and be inspired.

Join a group of ten people for ten sessions of group coaching.

Together we're stronger.


Playing Big

Throw off the invisible chains that have been holding you back for so long in this free discussion group based on Tara Mohr's inspiring book


1:1 Coaching


A really successful campaign needs a strategist. Find the right person to help you to succeed


Leadership Lounge


If you're leading others, join this free group where you can bring questions & challenges and leave with insights & ideas.


Town Hall


These are free, open sessions for anyone who wants to come and ask our coaches a question or inspire others with their pledge

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