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We don't like to blow our own trumpet, but we love it when other people do. You can find more testimonials on the Coaches page.


The You At Your Best report really made me think – it helped me understand exactly why I hadn’t been moving forwards.  As well as shining a light on key areas for change, the report provided a really useful platform for my conversations with the Oceans coach, which then proved to be a game-changer. With the help of my coach, I’m now able to think differently about aspects that were slowing my progress and I’m excited about the plans I have for the future.  I can’t recommend the Oceans coaching process highly enough – quick, simple and it really works.

Lisa, Cambridge

Completing the You At Your Best questionnaire and having a one-to-one session with Graeme has enabled me to overcome a "block" which I had faced for quite some time. I would certainly recommend this service to others.

Jo, Massage Therapist, London

The team effectiveness survey you assisted my team and I with was hugely beneficial in seeing where we need to focus and allowed us to concentrate on 'us' as a whole, and how we perform as a collective. Powerful and easy to understand and re-visit too.

Natalie Neale

Product Quality Manager

Our small team was doing OK but we knew we could do better. We seemed to have very different views on whether anything needed changing and this muddied the way ahead. Then we did the team report and were able to see exactly what each of us thought; we were able to have really clear conversations and decide what to address. Having the report means we can refer back to it, which keeps us on track and prompts new ideas. I’m sure that without doing the report we’d have just carried on as we were but now we’re in a much better position, we’ve identified common threads and we have a new team focus.

Lisa Thorne

Creative Director

Think Thorne

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