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There's something about Fridays.


A little less hurly; a little less burly. Time to think and space to breathe. It's the day for important stuff that's less urgent.

On Fridays we love to chat to the world. And we'd love you to join in - just choose which conversation. We're confident you'll enjoy the chance to think and connect with other people just like you and - even better - people not like you at all.

And the cost? It's free! It's Friday and we love to chat! Book your place using the form below.


Conversation 1 - Playing Big  

We should thank our friend Jim for introducing us to this great book and its author Tara Mohr. Playing Big provides a clear-eyed guide to the limitations we allow the world (and ourselves) to impose upon us, from avoiding fear to being excessively 'good'. Once you've read it, you'll never see the world, or yourself, in the same way again. You will be unleashed.

Our Playing Big conversation runs like a book group. Ten people, one skype call and one of the Oceans team to provide the conversational nibbles and ease the flow of chatter. Between each call you'll need to read a chapter of the book, but if you don't get a chance, don't worry. You're with friends. Just join the call anyway and you'll pick up the thread.

The book cover says it's for 'Brilliant Women Like You', but we know the mind-expanding effect it has on men too, so we run a group for everyone. 

Conversation 2 - Leadership Lounge

At Oceans, our mission is 'People at their Best'. We believe that organisations thrive when they help and allow people to be themselves and do their best work. It's morally right and commercially savvy. There is no downside. Leadership Lounge is the conversation for leaders, big and small, who believe the same.


In this global club of like-minded leaders, you'll be able to bring your questions, issues and concerns. You can offer your ideas and insights and support. You'll expand your network, refresh your thinking and make new friends. You'll get better outcomes where it matters.

Leadership Lounge is a structured conversation run by an Oceans facilitator. If you're familiar with Action Learning, you'll fit right in; if you're not, you'll fit right in.

And with a price tag of zero, the Return on Investment is technically infinite.

Leadership Lounge
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