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What are you struggling with?


Often people come to us when something is not right. Our work reliably helps them to make things better. It's work, not magic, but it often it feels like something magical has happened.

Tell us what you'd like to put focus on. Select the element that you most want to put behind youare and start moving forwards today. 

Select at least 3 options to continue

Coaching ​Packages

We have created 3 coaching packages to provide you with a clear and flexible starting point. We operate a flexible pricing policy - whatever your means we can usually create something that works for you.

1. Focused

For when there is a particular topic or issue you want to tackle

  • Four sessions; scheduled to suit you; face-to-face or video. 

2. Deeper

For when you want to create a more fundamental shift in your work or life.

  • eight sessions; scheduled to suit you; face-to-face or video.

  • reflective questions between sessions to stimulate thinking or journaling

  • optional short phone calls between sessions to provide continuity

3. Transformation

We'll work with you to create a transformative year and make sure you're well set-up to sustain all the changes for years to come.

  • up to 15 coaching sessions to be used when you need it, in the way you need it

  • reflective questions to consider between sessions

To discuss coaching and how it would work best for you, get in touch above or choose your coach here and contact them directly.

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