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Coaches For Connection

At Oceans, our pro bono work is what stirs us most deeply – and we know the same is true for many other coaches. So whilst we yearn for simpler, happier global times, we are pleased to be a small part of society’s support system right now.

We are responding to the current circumstances by teaming up with other coaches from across the profession to form Coaches For Connection (C4C), a network of trained coaches offering a number of video-based coaching sessions that are either heavily-discounted or free. 

We recognise that there has never been a bigger need for coaching.  For some people, the new situation may have created a need for support that they couldn't ordinarily prioritise or afford. So Coaches For Connection are offering their time at rates which are guaranteed to be free/affordable, depending on personal circumstances.

At this particular time, coaching can especially help people to:

  • Think more clearly and make the best possible choices in the weeks and months ahead

  • Create and maintain better relationships with others

  • Create clear action plans and stick to them

  • Connect with their motivation and energy

  • Manage anxiety and other feelings

  • Sleep more soundly

  • Maintain some element of balance in their lives.

If you could benefit from coaching now or in the weeks ahead, simply fill in the form below. We’ll pass your details to a coach who has signed up to offer their time and provide some support. They will discuss your needs, tell you how many sessions they can provide and let you choose the payment level that best fits your circumstances.

If you know someone else who could benefit from some coaching right now, please tell them about this service.

If you are a coach and you’d like to offer some of your time, fill in your details below and tick the box marked 'I am a coach'. We'll be in touch with a few more questions before we get you set up.

Coaching helps people to understand what's happening now, clarify how they want things to be and move forwards. Coaches rarely offer advice and they are not experts, except in the process of coaching.

If you are not sure if coaching is what you need and would like to discuss how it works, fill in the form anyway and you'll be able to find out more from one of the C4C coaches.

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To help us match individuals with coaches, please indicate the rate band that applies best to your current circumstances (rates are per 60 minute session)

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch very soon...

Terms and Conditions 

Your data: please refer to our Privacy Policy Notice for how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information 

Liability: Oceans Collective and its members accept no liability for consequences arising from the actions of, or services offered by, any coach with whom you are linked. We take reasonable steps to check that coaches have a suitable level of training and experience, but we offer no guarantees in that regard. The free service we are offering here is to pass your details on to a coach registered on the Coaches For Connection list. We offer no guarantees about the suitability of those coaches for individual clients and we advise potential clients to follow the principle of caveat emptor - buyer beware - in checking for themselves that the coach will be a good match for them.


These terms and conditions apply from 18th March 2020

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